Our advantage

Our advantage


Simple operation: professional operation specialist

Authorize the store to ShopeeGoods, the operation specialist will publish the appropriate goods on the shelf based on the situation of your Shopee store


A large number of high-quality sources to improve store orders

Large amount and high-quality of the goods from China manufacturers. The style of the products is diverse, profit margin is large. Normally, all the profit per order will exceed 50%+


Support multiple offcial logistics and distribution methods

We have in-depth cooperation with global goods sources to ensure that our sources of goods will always be prioritized during in customs clearance, priority delivery, until arrived at buyers site

Providing Best Services

Trusted ability for products selection and store operation guidance.

Guarantee 0 member fees, 0 risk to join ShopeeGoods

  • Product Selection Specialist + ShopeeGoods Operation Manager 1 to 1 guidance
  • Only pay for the products once successfully get the }rst order in Shopee
  • Strong sources support
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Providing Best Services

Platform function

Multi-site, multi- store management

Professional operation specialists online 1v1 guidance

Multiple payment methods, clear bills

A large number of high-quality supply, strong supply support

Real-time order tracking, high- quality logistics service

Merchant announcement and operation tutorial

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Bring more sources of goods to your store and increase more revenue